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Why forgiving your ex is the BEST thing you can do for your love life.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. This topic has been on my hit list to write about for a LONG time. In fact, I have probably been stewing on this for longer than I care to admit. Partly because I don’t want my husband to think that I ever waste time pondering about my ex (I really don’t) and partly because talking about your ‘ex’ is typically considered taboo. I remember reading a relationship-shaming blog about a year or so ago... Clearly written by a person who had not yet moved on from their past and had a LOT of anger/resentment towards their ex, it was awfully uncomfortable to read. I think the purpose of the blog was to shame the ex, but...
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Keepin' it clean with Beauty and the Basics.

As my first weekly blog for the fab females at The Lab, I thought I’d share my thoughts on; what I perceive to be the first step on your journey to clear, radiant skin - the importance of WASHING YOUR FACE. Daily. And I don’t just mean a splash of water during your morning shower while singing along to TLC’s No Scrubs (my jam). I mean a proper clean. A real clean… Every morning. Every night. As well as before and after your work-outs. I know, I know… it sounds like way too much effort, right?? Well I won’t lie, it IS effort. Just like eating your greens, exercising, and getting enough sleep (oh to be in my twenties again)....
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Get Pretty Gritty with Girl Boss Eleanor Pendleton.

Pretty, pretty, pretty excited to be bringing beauty boss and creator of Gritty Pretty to Canberra to kick off our 2017 event series! The multi award winning beauty editor and style influencer will be landing at the lab for a morning of food, fun, flatlays and all things beauty and boss life. If you are keen to learn a few beauty flatlay tips and tricks, want to know all about her beauty routine, try some tastey treats and surround yourself with some beautiful blooms whilst chilling with the ultimate boss of beauty then get your tickets NOW! You can pre purchase tickets at the lab or over the phone on 62304143 Details... Date Sunday Feb 19 2017 Time 11am Where...
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Feather Touch 101 with Amy Jean

Microblading, feather touch, brow tattooing, microstroke, eyebrow embroidery - are all terms used to describe what has grown to become the biggest trend in beauty. The concept itself has been around in some form or another for many years but made a resurgance in Asia in the last decade. It was at this point that lady boss and mega babe Amy Jean brought the latest technology back with her to Oz. Pioneering the soft hair like strokes that she is now famous for AJ is one of the biggest names in the business which is why we have hit her up to answer a few Q's for us regarding what can be a life long commitment. What is a feather...
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Word on the street is that people are confused and/or concerned about our price increases and we totally get it. Three times in 2 years, crazy right?! But before you go thinking that we are ballin’ all over the place, ripping off all our fave babes and getting bottle service on the daily please let us put it in perspective. (My 16 year old banged up, bald tyred, barely starting Hyundai won’t pay for itself people!) We are a boutique niche beauty studio, we offer one thing and that’s brows. We do not defluff your lady parts or wax lyrical on your limbs (which would dramatically increase our bottom line) nor do we offer fluffy facials for a hefty fee....
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Brand New with Dream & Do.

Firstly, let us say we are honoured to be breaking bread on the first blog post on the new The Lab website. Needless to say, we think it's pretty goddamn-fantastic, but we're biased here at Dream & Do as we've designed and built the beautiful thing!  So... WELCOME to the new, wonderful, ever-lovely site for THE LAB. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the salon, the girls and their wonderful services, but also your one-stop-shop for all things beauty. I'm talking foundation, lipstick, books and gifts - it's all here, so get online gurl and shop your heart out. We were incredibly excited when we were brought onboard to design and build a lip-smackingly delicious website for...
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